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Supernatural Business


Whether it’s a cottage industry, a family farm or a Fortune 500 company…

A Supernatural Business Will Succeed Regardless of Economic Trends

Even if dark clouds fill the economic sky, Mike Floyd contends that any business founded on the spiritual principles found in the Bible will not only survive, but will prosper-becoming a supernatural business.

Floyd has been successful in business for nearly thirty years and has seen the markets come and go. However, as he has practiced the principles of God’s Word, he has succeeded as a businessman. And now he shares what he has learned.

You, too, can have a supernatural business!


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Mike Floyd

Mike Floyd has been an entrepreneur since childhood and has seen God bless his business ventures from

the beginning. He attributes his early success to faithful adherence to biblical principles his mother taught him. After serving a stint in the Air Force, he went to work in the aerospace industry and quickly began climbing the ladder of success. However, God had different plans. Mike left the corporate world and began a business with his wife, Donna, based upon the truth that if God speaks it, it will happen. While there have been challenges, the overwhelming success of their business demonstrates that God wants His children to prosper in business.


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Mark Victor Hansen #1 New York best-selling series, Co-creator, Chicken Soup for the Soul®

Charles and Frances Hunter, The Happy Hunters, Hunter Ministries

Dodie Osteen Co-Founder, Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas

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Mark Victor Hansen
Co-creator, #1 New York Best-Selling Series, Chicken Soup for the Soul®

If you’re ready to make your business super-successful, using spiritual principles, you must read, re-read and then refer your friends to this brilliantly insightful, power-packed book. Mike Floyd is a close friend. Mike did what he says and shows you how you can too. You’ll love it.
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Charles and Frances Hunter
The Happy Hunters, Hunter Ministries

Some books you read a little, lay down, then pick up later! Some books you don’t even bother to pick up later! Then there are those very special books which come into your life and are so anointed you can’t stop from the time you start until you are completely finished! Such is the book, Supernatural Business. Mike Floyd shares incredible principles of prosperity and tells entrepreneurs how to conduct business successfully on a godly basis. If you know people who want to succeed in business, help them by giving them a copy of this book. Everything in the book is exactly as he writes! It works!
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Dodie Osteen
Co-Founder, Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas

This book is a tremendous blessing to me, and I am sure it will be a great help to anyone building a business. Mike and Donna Floyd have been our friends for years, and they are some of the most generous, giving people I have ever met. They have realized that as they give, God gives back to them. He has opened the windows of heaven and blessed them abundantly! And I’m impressed by the wisdom God has given them. New ideas come easily to them because they seek God’s face and His perfect will. As you apply the principles in this book, you will see the goodness of God and you will prosper. Thus, you will be enables to further the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.
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Current Readers:

3 Reviews

Sherron Lane Sikorski from Kingsport, Tennessee, TN US

Called to Reform Business - If you feel God has called you to Marketplace Ministry, Mike's book will confirm everything you have ever questioned about your calling. Mike reveals how God has the true map to success - not the world's way, but God's way...which is to Succeed and bless others, to take dominion in our businesses, as God equips each of us, by His word. Any believer will be enlightened, encouraged and ignited by the truth Mike shares, as he trusts God to be his provision and source on the journey to success. I could not put it down until the last page was read!
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Jo and Steve Crowe Realtors from Murphy, NC US

Supernatural Business- Supernatural Business is a book that has God's anointing upon it. God has used it to confirm His very words to us about our place as business people today. My husband and I own a Real Estate Brokerage firm and 14 years ago God gave us a vision about being His ministers in the marketplace. At that time, we had never heard of such, but the vision never diminished, but just the opposite; it increased and increased. Mike Floyd has submitted himself to be God's willing vessel to encourage, exhort and challenge us all to allow God to fulfill the very destiny that He has for us in business. This book is 96 pages of pure gold. Mr. Floyd has written simply, but very, very profoundly. He outlines eternal principles that are found in God' Word and shares of his own life's experiences very candidly. My husband and I both literally devoured this book the day we received it in the mail. We have both read it several times since. We immediately ordered another 25 copies that we shared with every person who works with us, along with other business associates. At this very moment we are preparing to order more. We plan to share it with everyone that we can. We quickly decided that it will become required reading for every person in our firm and also a permanent part of our training program. These are not just business principles, but rather life principles that touch every facet. We are living in a day where God is challenging us to allow Him to be all that He can be through us and our businesses so that He may manifest Himself more supernaturally than has been known on this earth before! May the Lord bless Mike Floyd for his obedience.
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Reviewer: Realtor, US

Awesome! I could not put it down.. I received four other books the same day on the same subject--business. Once I started reading "Supernatural Business" I did not put it down until I had completed it. Now the other four books do not look nearly so interesting. I hardily agreed with the first review on this book. I, too, am a Realtor and I think this method of business practice is so superior to all the seminars I have ever attended over the years. I am beginning another business in addition to real estate and will outline this book as a constant guide. Thank you, Mike Floyd, for taking your time to write. This book is easy reading with profound truths. I am ordering more for every one I know.
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